What will happen during a session?

During a session, we’ll spend some time discussing what you’re experiencing with your body and what you’d like to see improve. While standing on the floor or seated on the massage table, I’ll guide you through a series of movements so I can better assess the issue at hand. Depending on your particular needs, I’ll be using some combination of Rolfing, Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy, A.R.T., targeted stretching, and/or Nerve Manipulation.

Movement reassessment happens throughout the session as we work together to undo global patterns of dysfunction while addressing specific symptoms. After working together to find a solution to your injuries, it may become clear that specific exercises are more appropriate than my work to keep you moving forward. I can help you determine what therapies and therapists are most appropriate after our work together is done.

I want to do the best I can to help you get past your pain and injuries. The more information I have about your case, the better I can serve you. Therefore, I welcome the opportunity to be in communication with your other healthcare providers.

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Ben’s Specialties


Physical Rehabilitation

I provide your body the regenerative support it needs after an injury or surgical procedure, helping return muscle, bone, and tissue to their previous condition.

Including Treatment For:

Postsurgical scar tissue
Muscle strains and tears
Whiplash and joint sprain
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
Plantar Fasciitis

Performance Improvement

I offer deep tissue touch and movement to help rejuvenate your body, and give you tools to help improve strength and agility before and after athletic activity. Moving, lifting, and playing with confidence is attainable when you treat your body to the support it needs.

Including Treatment For:

Shin Splints
Tennis Elbow
Golfer’s Elbow
Patellofemoral Dysfunction

Pain Relief

Through bodywork, I address pain-creating tension in various parts of the body often caused by poor posture or repetitive strain injuries.

Including Treatment For:

Low back pain
Distressed rotator cuff
Tight neck and shoulder
Tension headaches
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Print and fill out the following documents before your first appointment.

What Clients Say

“I appreciate Ben’s work greatly. I originally sought his help for a rotator cuff injury. With his assistance I am learning how to achieve greater flexibility and mobility in the midst of this challenging rehab.”

C. Lasack
“I have been Ben’s client since 2000 and I see him every three weeks. He is a well-educated rolfer and has always been able to explain whatever issues I’ve developed from my exercise routine. When I first started seeing him, I had pulled a muscle in my leg and couldn’t walk. As soon as he treated me, I could walk and soon afterward I was back on the trail… He truly has magic hands.”

B. Zahedi - Berkeley CA
“I started working with Ben 10 years ago because I was facing surgery for a shoulder issue that prevented me from playing golf. I found him to be not only very skilled, knowledgeable, and effective but also very thoughtful and easy to work with. The original problem resolved, without surgery and I have continued to meet with him on a regular basis to prevent other problems from developing. Honestly he has kept me in the game all these years.”
R. Carter
“I spend 3 to 4 hours a day exercising, playing racquetball, doing long distance biking, and weight training at the gym… I would not be able to do all that without Ben’s help and encouragement. It’s great to feel free doing any activity I like knowing I have Ben’s help and input. I’m 64 years old.”

B. Zahedi - Berkeley CA
“I have continued to work with Ben throughout that last 10 plus years to repair years of poor posture and gait issues that resulted in frequent falls. With Ben’s work, in conjunction with Pilates, I’m now impossibly an inch taller and haven’t had a significant fall in years. I like to be comfortable in my body and with Ben’s skilled work, at 69 years, I am. ”

T. L. Wood M.S. - Licensed Educational Psychologist