Ben Williams
Ben Williams

Certified Rolfer and Active Release Techniques Provider

About Ben Williams

Ben’s life-long passion for health, wellness, and movement inspired him to receive a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology from Westmont College, where he received a full basketball scholarship. Afterward, he went on to study and earn certification in Massage Therapy, Active Release Techniques, and the Rolf Method of Structural Integration. He has been providing bodywork since 1998, and also practices and loves Capoeira, Acrobatics, and Gymnastics.
  • 1996 B.A. Kinesiology, Westmont College Santa Barbara CA
  • 1998 Certified Massage Therapist, Acupressure Institute, Berkeley CA
  • 2000 Polestar Pilates Evolved Post-Rehabilitation Exercise Instructor
  • 2001-Present Certified Active Release Techniques Provider in Upper & Lower Extremities & Spine
  • 2006 Certified Rolfer, Boulder, CO
  • Annual re-certification in Active Release Techniques
  • 2013-Present Capoeira, Acrobatics, Gymnastics, and Handstand training with Amir Solsky
  • 2003-2011 Mentorship in the fields of Peripheral Nerve Manipulation and Rolfing with Dr. Don Hazen, Chiropractor and Advanced Rolfer
  • 2007 40 hours of human cadaver dissection with Gil Hedley, Ph.D.
When lost mobility is restored and combined with a steady dose of supportive movement, each person can expect to unlock their potential to move through the world more gracefully and with less pain.





I have developed a dedicated, and rigorous physical practice over the past 12 years
that involves Capoeira, acrobatics, handstands, and gymnastic strength training.

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What Clients Say

“I appreciate Ben’s work greatly. I originally sought his help for a rotator cuff injury. With his assistance I am learning how to achieve greater flexibility and mobility in the midst of this challenging rehab.”
C. Lasack
“I have been Ben’s client since 2000 and I see him every three weeks. He is a well-educated rolfer and has always been able to explain whatever issues I’ve developed from my exercise routine. When I first started seeing him, I had pulled a muscle in my leg and couldn’t walk. As soon as he treated me, I could walk and soon afterward I was back on the trail… He truly has magic hands.”
B. Zahedi - Berkeley CA
“I started working with Ben 10 years ago because I was facing surgery for a shoulder issue that prevented me from playing golf. I found him to be not only very skilled, knowledgeable, and effective but also very thoughtful and easy to work with. The original problem resolved, without surgery and I have continued to meet with him on a regular basis to prevent other problems from developing. Honestly he has kept me in the game all these years.”
R. Carter
“I spend 3 to 4 hours a day exercising, playing racquetball, doing long distance biking, and weight training at the gym… I would not be able to do all that without Ben’s help and encouragement. It’s great to feel free doing any activity I like knowing I have Ben’s help and input. I’m 64 years old.”
B. Zahedi - Berkeley CA
“I have continued to work with Ben throughout the last 10 plus years to repair years of poor posture and gait issues that resulted in frequent falls. With Ben’s work, in conjunction with Pilates, I’m now impossibly an inch taller and haven’t had a significant fall in years. I like to be comfortable in my body and with Ben’s skilled work, at 69 years, I am. ”
T. L. Wood M.S. - Licensed Educational Psychologist